June 14, 2024

The Dollar Dilemma

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Give This Rich Dude $1 or The Onion Disappears Forever

Imagine a world without The Onion. The satirical news website that brings us hilarious headlines and articles would cease to exist if one rich dude doesn’t get his $1. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

But that’s exactly the scenario that the founder of The Onion, none other than Rich Dude, has set up. He’s challenging readers to either donate $1 to him or The Onion will be shut down forever.

Some may see this as a clever marketing ploy, while others may view it as a desperate plea for money. Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly an interesting angle for a satirical news outlet to take.

Will you contribute $1 to save The Onion, or will you let it disappear into the annals of internet history? The choice is yours.